Accademia Gallery Highlights

Accademia Gallery Highlights & Must-Sees

The Accademia Gallery’s reputation precedes it. Known worldwide for its resplendent collection of art, sculptures, and tapestries, millions of visitors flock to the Accademia each year to observe its masterpieces. While the museum houses hundreds of pieces of art, there are some in particular that deserve special recognition, not just for their rich details, but for the impact they have left behind on the art world. 

What to See at the Accademia Gallery

 At the Accademia Gallery, visitors have the opportunity to observe works by some of the most famous artists in history, such as Giambologna, Bartolini, and of course, Michelangelo.

what to see at accademia gallery - david by michelangelo

It cannot be debated that Michelangelo’s David is the star attraction at the Accademia Gallery.  To this day, this sculpture stands as a valid representative of Renaissance art. It took Michelangelo almost three years to complete this elaborate statue. It measures a massive 14 feet in height and was initially planned to be a part of the Cathedral of Florence. Michelangelo’s David is currently housed in The Tribune at Accademia Gallery. It was placed under a skylight which appears like a halo above the structure.

what to see at accademia gallery - rape of the sabines
Rape of the Sabines

This sculpture is another interesting piece of work at the Accademia, located in the Hall of the Colossus. This plaster cast model was created by Jean de Boulogne (or Giambologna) and comprises three figures. Interesting fact: the entire structure was cut from a single block of marble. The characteristic feature of this sculpture is its realism and intricate details; the figures are seen to be engaged in a serpentine motion. Jean de Boulogne was known for his depiction of the human body, and this structure exhibits his expertise.

what to see at accademia gallery - Coronation of the Virgin by Jacopo Di Cione
Coronation of the Virgin

Panel paintings are quite popular in Italian historical structures, particularly those that depict religious narratives. However, very few match up to the grandeur of the Coronation of the Virgin panel painting by Jacopo Di Cione. The painting was restored in 2011 and has since held its place at the Accademia Gallery. The painting glows because of the base of golden color used in it. Since the magistrates of the Mint ordered this painting, Jacopo Di Cione decided to leave a mark of it in the painting.

 what to see at accademia gallery - Slaves by Michelangelo

Michelangelo Slaves/Prisoners comprise four male nudes, namely: The Awakening Slave, The Young Slave, The Bearded Slave, and The Atlas (or Bound). Once a part of a grand project, these statues hit roadblocks until they were abandoned. One can notice the incomplete elements of these statues. However, some scholars seem to think that it was left in its current state intentionally to drive home the meaning of the sculpture. Scholars believe Michelangelo wanted to show the sheer helplessness of the slaves by leaving the sculptures incomplete.

what to see at accademia gallery - Tree of Life by Pacino di Buonaguida
Tree of Life

The Tree of Life also attracts a number of admirers on a daily basis. The Tree of Life is a work of genuine expertise by Pacino di Buonaguida. The basis of the work lies in the Book of Genesis, as the name might suggest. The Genesis of creation and fall is represented in the painting. Christ, in his crucified state, appears as a tree, with branches extending from his trunk. From each branch in the tree hang ornaments that depict significant biblical events.

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