Accademia Gallery Exhibitions

Exhibitions at Accademia Gallery 2022

The Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze or Accademia Gallery in Florence houses some of the most important masterpieces of Italian and international art and history. The Accademia Gallery is Italy's one of the most visited museums, second only to the Uffizi. David, Michelangelo's 17-foot-tall Renaissance masterwork, is housed there. 

What is the Accademia Gallery?

Accademia Gallery Exhibitions

Every year, millions of people flock to the Accademia to witness its extraordinary collection of art, sculptures, and tapestries. Originally intended as a space to showcase the works of Michelangelo, today. While his works such as the Prisoners (or Slaves)St. Matthew, and, most importantly, David, continue to be the most important works here, visitors to the Accademia Gallery can see works by famous artists like Giambologna, Bartolini, Paolo Uccello, Sandro Botticelli, and Andrea del Sarto.

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Accademia Gallery Exhibitions 2022

Uffizi Exhibitions

The Bronze Effigy of Michelangelo by Daniele da Volterra

Dates: 15th February 2022 to 19th June 2022

Curated by: Cecilie Hollberg

This will be the first Accademia Gallery Exhibition to show all of Michelangelo's early bronze works attributed to Daniele da Volterra, investigating the complex relationship between originals, reproductions, and derivations. The exhibition will provide a great opportunity to inspect the objects closely and judge their aesthetic and technical merits, with the help of 3D scanning. 

Virtual Tour of Accademia Gallery Exhibitions

During the pandemic, Accademia Museum launched some of its virtual tours on its website. These tours are free of cost and anyone can watch them. They are of short duration.

  • Michelangelo’s Masterpieces: In this virtual tour enjoy watching the amazing work by Michelangelo. Notice his fine detailing in works and his love for human anatomy.
  • Virtual Visit of The Plasters Cast Collection: Explore the finer details of Bartolini’s plaster cast work.
  • The Ages of Painting: Learn about the museum’s most amazing Renaissance period paintings. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Accademia Gallery Exhibitions

Q. What exhibitions are currently showing at the Accademia Gallery in Florence?

A. Currently ‘The Bronze Effigy of Michelangelo by Daniele da Volterra’ is displayed at the Accademia Gallery in Florence.

Q. Do I need to buy separate tickets to view the various exhibitions at Accademia Gallery?

A. No, you don’t have to buy separate tickets to view the various exhibitions at Accademia Gallery. You can enjoy these exhibitions with your entry tickets.

Q.What are the dates for the ‘The Bronze Effigy of Michelangelo by Daniele da Volterra’ exhibition at Accademia Gallery?

A.  ‘The Bronze Effigy of Michelangelo by Daniele da Volterra’ exhibition at the Accademia Gallery is on display from 15 February 2022 to 19 June 2022.

Q. How can I view the exhibitions at Accademia Gallery?

A. Simply book your Accademia Gallery tickets online for one of the dates that the exhibition is being showcased. You will be able to view the exhibitions on the day of your tour.

Q. What is the Accademia Gallery famous for?

A. Accademia Gallery is famous for its Michelangelo statues, particularly his "David." It also boasts a collection of 15th and 16th century paintings, as well as a large number of 13th to 16th century Tuscan paintings.